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  1. 空港~ホテル間送迎特別価格
  2. 空港送迎+シティツアー
  3. カオラック送迎シティツアー







  1. ピピ島カイ島P
  2. ピピ島カイ島S
  3. ピピ島バンブー島
  4. ピピ島マイトン島カイ島
  5. カイ島(半日)


  1. ラチャ2島マイトン島
  2. コーラル島バナナビーチ
  3. コーラル島ロングビーチ
  4. コーラル島サンセットヨット


  1. ジェームズボンド島カイ島
  2. ジェームズボンド島ナカ島周遊
  3. ジェームズボンド島ビックボート
  4. ジェームズボンド島スピードボート
  5. 貸切ジェームスボンド+シーカヌー+サメットナンシー日本語












  1. スイミングウィズエレファント
  2. 象のりシービュー ベアバック

  3. タイガーパーク割引
  4. 象のり&タイガー
  5. タイガー&エレファントフォトプラン

  6. タイガーキングダム割引
  7. アクエリア水族館


  1. プーケットシティツアー

  2. ジェットスキーアドベンチャー

  3. アンダマンダプーケット
  4. ブルーツリーウォーターパーク

  5. サイモンキャバレー
  6. プーケットファンタシー

  7. ハヌマンワールドジップライン
  8. ATV、ジップライン

  9. シューティングクラブ
  10. 射撃
  11. フィッシングツアー

  12. ウィークエンドマーケット(土・日のみ)

  13. フォトプラン

  14. Tattoo

  15. レストラン無料予約代行
  16. フローティングランチ


  1. オリエンタラスパ(パトン)
  2. ムクダ(カトゥ)
  3. バライスパ(カロン)8/1再開
  4. オアシススパ(ラグーナ、カマラ)
  5. アイランドハーブスパ(シャロン)
  6. タンタラスパ(シャロン)


  1. 貸切1日ヨット
  2. 貸切サンセットヨット


  1. レッドマウンテン
  2. ロックパーム
  3. プーケットカントリークラブ



  1. ゴチャパン
  2. ジムトンプソンアウトレット
  3. ポロサスエキゾチックレザー
  4. キングパワー免税店






English tour

  1. PP & Khai Premium
  2. PP & Khai
  3. PP & Bamboo Premium
  4. JamesBond & Khai Premium
  5. Similan island Premium
  6. Surin Island Premium
  7. Rok & Haa Island Premium
  8. Coral Island
  9. Racha & Coral
  10. Coral Sunset Yacht
  11. Coral & Racha Sunset Yacht

  12. Tiger Park Phuket
  13. Swimming with Elephant
  14. Elephant Trekking
  15. Jet ski adventure
  16. Private JamesBond & Sametnangshe
  17. Hanuman World Zip Line
  18. ATV & Zip Line

Swimming with Elephant


It is a tour to take pictures with a friendly small elephant in the sea. The shooting time is about 20 minutes per group.

If you attach a Photographer service separately, the staff will make the elephant pose in various poses. All photos on this page are from the photographer.

There are paid transfers from each district.

Importantly, you will not be eligible for the discounted rates unless you go to by our taxi, our city tour car.
Or you drive a rental car or rental motorcycle to Swiming with Elephnat.

Even if you come by taxi, tuk-tuk, grab, etc. other than our company, you will not be eligible for the discounted rate.

Business hours 9:00-17:00
Please let us know your desired pick-up time and whether or not you have a cameraman.

* At low tide, you cannot take pictures in the sea.

When the tide table is 0.9 or less, it is not possible to take pictures in the sea due to low tide.
<Phuket Tide Table>

In addition, shooting may be canceled during heavy rain or high waves.



    ・Adult 850 baht
    ・Child 750 baht(3~5years、under 3 years free)

    ・Photographer 550 baht(1 group under 4pax)

About Photographer service

Photographer service 550 baht, 1 group (1-4 people) 50-60 photos) can be downloaded to your smartphone as data. If you bring your smartphone or USB memory, you can take the data home with you.

You can take pictures with your own smartphone, but you cannot take pictures with your camera. If you need beautiful photos, please attach a photographer service. (All the photos on this page are the work of the cameraman)

Transfer fee

Importantly, you will not be eligible for the discounted rates unless you go to by our taxi, our city tour car.

Pick-up from each area (It is also possible to pick you up at the hotel and send it to Patong after Swiming with Elephant)

Sedan up to 4pax

 ・ Patong area round-trip transfer 500 baht
 ・ Karon area round-trip transfer 800 baht
 ・ Kata area round-trip transfer 1,000 baht
 ・ Karim area round-trip transfer 500 baht
 ・ Kamala area round-trip transfer 1,000 baht
 ・ Surin, Laguna area round-trip transfer 1,200 baht
 ・ Phuket Town area round-trip transfer 1,000 baht
 ・ Westin Sea Ray area round-trip transfer 1,200 baht
 ・ Cape Panwa area round-trip transfer 1,500 baht
 ・ Maikhao area round-trip transfer 2,000 baht


    Included in the price
  • 20 minutes shooting time
    Exclude in the price
  • Transfer fee
  • Banana
    What is required
  • Swim wear
  • Towel

About payment

◆Only PayPal
No need to create a PayPal account

We will make a PayPal payment request to you as soon as we receive the your booking form. After receiving your payment, we will email you the hotel pick-up time and voucher..

Cancellation policy
Please contact us by 17:00 the day before the tour. We will refund 80% of the full amount received. No refund for cancellations made after 17:00 the day before and on the day of the tour.

Reservaion Form

* Please fill in the rest of the reservation form
 ・ Hotel pick-up time
 ・ With or without a Photographer service (If you do not need it, please write "No Photographer service")

After shooting, you can go home as it is, or you can bathe in water with a hose and change clothes in a simple tent. It is okay if the pick-up location and the delivery location are different.


Our information

Phuket Gold Travel
 Roong 092-892-6642